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Where Do We Go From Here...?

2020 marks 50 years since the 'official movement' known as the Women's Liberation Movement began.

It was in 1970 (27 February - 1 March 1970) that the first National Women's Liberation Movement conference was held in Oxford

More than 600 women attended the first national Women's Liberation Movement conference in 1970, with a desire to debate a wide variety of issues affecting women. The first four Women's Liberation Movement demands were discussed:

1. Equal pay

2. Equal educational and job opportunities

3. Free contraception and abortion on demand

4. Free 24-hour nurseries

These demands were passed at the 1971 Conference on Skegness.

Over the decades several more demands were added.July 1974

A national Women's Liberation Movement conference was held in Edinburgh in 1974. At this conference, two demands were added to the first four:

5. Legal and financial independence for all women

6. The right to a self-defined sexuality. An end to discrimination against lesbians

7-9 April 1978

The final national Women's Liberation Movement conference was held in Birmingham. A final demand was added to the first six:

7. Freedom for all women from intimidation by the threat or use of violence or sexual coercion regardless of marital status; and an end to the laws, assumptions and institutions which perpetuate male dominance and aggression to women.

Also, amid some controversy, 'the right to a self-defined sexuality' was split off and added as a preface to all the demands.

In 2020 we face the stark reality that not only are we still struggling to achieve several of the first 4 demands...but in what often is an anti-women, austerity climate, the list of rights and challenges faced by women continues to grow and some rights won are under threat..

50 Years On we ask the questions:

How Far Have We Come?

What does the Current Political Climate mean for Women?

Where do we go from here?

Deeds Not Words will host a number of events including a monthly feminist gathering and one off events to celebrate, remember and this space

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