Shoulder to Shoulder With Women in Derbyshire

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October 27, 2018

 Photographs: 1 Emma Miller  2: Hannah Mitchell   3. Alice Wheeldon   4. Elisabeth Freeman

Excited and pleased to be invited to Women in Local Government celebration of Suffrage Pioneers in Leeds on November 24th. We nominated several women...

September 20, 2018


Historically, colour has been used to provide instant visual recognition and The Suffrage Movement like many others, is littered with colours and symbols which became clear markers of identification, differentiation and selling 'Suffrage'. Notable among th...

September 5, 2018

I only recently came across an interview with Prof June Purvis, her 2017 book, Christabel Pankhurst: A Biography, and a subsequent, more recent article written on the Pankhurst sisters, February 5, 2018 exploring what is des...