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A Slice of Punk History Comes to Town...

Here To Be Heard: The Story of The Slits - What a privilege it was to share space with Tessa and Palm Olive. Do I wish the others - Viv Albertine, Bruce Smith, Kate Korus, and later members Holly Cook and Anna Schulte – were here too....YES but they aren't so I refuse not to be more than impressed with Tessa and Palmolive

The film, telling many stories, not altogether cohesively, did not quite blow me away but standing in the same space as these two legends was really awesome and for what it is worth, it is their story to tell and I guess there is not much to argue with on that issue. Told largely from the viewpoint of bassist Tessa Pollitt, Here To Be Heard is a very personal telling of a public story for some spectacle for others. Only those who experienced and remembered the innovation and artistry that The Slits could understand what I mean. In the day they were it crazy, fantastic, creative....such a great band such an important band...led by women..carving out their piece of Punk History in all its gory and fabulous detail.

Pollitt's reminiscences through a scrapbook of news cuttings, reviews and photographs to evoke feelings of loneliness and awe but struggles slightly to tell the full story of how The Slits paved the way for women, notably female artists, to nurture and realise their creative agency and identity.

I am so glad that I got the opportunity to go. Such trailblazers! The power of the music and the sheer forces of nature of their collective creativity of women who kicked ass, behaved badly, suffered and fought back. What a legacy!

A few cheeky pics and a few pints later and I am lying on my bed still smiling....WOW I MET THEM WHOOP WHOOP!

April 18th 2018, the QUAD, Derby is definitely a day I will remember for many years to come xx



All Together Now...

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