Community Call Out....Public Monuments to Women in Derbyshire

All over Derbyshire and Derby  there are many diverse memorials and monuments, large and small, commemorating the lives and achievements of men. However, the monuments and memorials accolading and celebrating women are few and far between  rendering the achievements and lives of the many women who did contribute somewhat 'Invisible'. This page is all about compiling a list of monuments, streets/road names, buildings, institutions, and memorials to women all over the County. Some names are well known, others have been forgotten. All the women have contributed in some way to the life of the country as we know it, today.

Please feel free to bombard us with your knowledge at with information about public buildings, streets etc named after women. If you have photographs that would be even better....We look forward to hearing from you...See the table below to check what is already listed.


Reflections, Monuments and More...

Women’s Erasure From Memorials

The only memorial to women's contributions in World War II depicts empty clothing. Carolyn Dougherty considers what this says about the erasure of women from public spaces. With contributions from Alex Wardrop Carolyn Dougherty, 16 June 2011

Mapping Memorials to Women in Scotland

About the project

All over Scotland, in towns, villages and in the countryside, there are many types of memorials, large and small, commemorating the lives and achievements of women. Some names are well known, others have been forgotten. All the women have contributed in some way to the life of the country we know today.

The Women of Scotland website was set up to record this information and make it available to all, and we need your help to find these memorials.


inVISIBLE women is a catalyst for changing the status quo of gender imbalance in public monuments in the UK. This site is taking a look at why it has been the case for so long and considers what kinds of solutions will best address the problem. This is the place to take part in building a clear statistical picture of the situation nationally and discover some practical solutions with artists' work to commission and some successes, both past and present to celebrate.

Womens Land Army Tribute

‘‘remembering the work of the Women’s Land Army and Timber Corps with a lasting memorial’’

During the war years, with the men away fighting, many young women 'stepped up to the plate' as volunteers to contribute to the war effort, help feed the nation ang help maintain wood supplies by working the land, hence the references to these young women as Land Girls and Lumber Jill’s.

The Staffordshire branch of the Women’s Food & Farming Union (WFU) campaigned and fundraised to provide a permanent memorial to recognise the achievement and contribution of the Women’s Land Army and Women’s Timber Corps. The reslting National Monument  located in the National Memorial Arboretum in Alrewas in Staffordshire, was unveiled on Tuesday 21st October 2014.

Table of Monuments in Derbyshire

The Mandela Centre, 179 Pear Tree Rd, Derby, DE23 8NQ T: 01332 347066

Deeds Not Words Towards Liberation has been supported by a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund. Thanks to National Lottery players, we have been able to record, preserve and raise awareness about women's social and political activism in Derbyshire. Shoulder to Shoulder events are funded by the Celebrating Votes for Women Fund

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