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Perspectives Series: Should Mothers Work?

I thoroughly believe that a mother can work, is she wants to, as well as taking care of her children and providing the best for them in terms of comfort and basic living needs.

While a mother is caring for her children, earning the income for the family is also a need, in order for the family to thrive. This will help the children to stay healthy and have a good immune system as well as a balanced diet avoid malnourishment. It will also help the child to grow as an individual and do things that they like without finding any difficulty, the child will also want to take on new and exciting opportunities this will help with their cognitive thinking and ability to take and make decisions for themselves.

I believe that in order for a child to fully develop and to grow they need to be able to afford basic everyday life essentials such as food, this however may be influenced more by the emotional health of the family, how the family feels about the mother’s working, and the quality of care provided for the child. A child who is emotionally well adjusted, well loved, and well cared for will always thrive regardless of whether the mother works outside the home or stays at home caring for the family.

A mother who successfully manages both an outside job and parenthood is a role model for her child. Mum's as role models will help their child both in terms of their development and in providing for their needs. The child will also look up to the mother and will follow in her footsteps especially if they are supportive of their mother's role.

However, some people also think that mothers should not work outside the home, that they should stay at home to look after their children.

I personally believe that a mother has the same rights as the father to be out there earning for the family. And the income earned by both parents should be recognised and children should respect both their mother's and their father's contributions to the family.

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