Women in Local Government From Suffrage to Citizenship : Suffrage Pioneers List Update

Photographs: 1 Emma Miller 2: Hannah Mitchell 3. Alice Wheeldon 4. Elisabeth Freeman

Excited and pleased to be invited to Women in Local Government celebration of Suffrage Pioneers in Leeds on November 24th. We nominated several women (including Hannah Mitchell, Alice Wheeldon, Emma Miller and Elisabeth Freeman) born or connected to Derby/Derbyshire but only one was directly chosen for their 100 pioneers list. However, we do note that Hannah Mitchell was claimed for Manchester and although she did not make the final list, Alice Wheeldon is featured as a biographical cameo on the website.

Elisabeth Freeman was a remarkable woman (visit http://www.elizabethfreeman.org/) We have been in touch with her family in the United States and hope to let you know more about what we have planned asap. However, like so many suffragists of the era they moved to London to be as close to the seat of power as possible and to be at the centre of political activity. Other than a listing that she was born in Chesterfield Derbyshire, there is very little that is known about Elisabeth's activity in Derbyshire. She was most active in London and the USA...but do click the link below to read more about her fantastic life.

We are very proud to be invited to represent her and all of the other Derby/Derbyshire women who have made a tremendous contribution to our City and County, at this national event in Leeds.





For more information about the Derby/Derbyshire women we listed and others please visited our Derbyshire 100 Women List on this website.


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