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Personal History Form

Please leave your memories in our Memory Bank. 

This is your opportunity to tell us--and the world- a) about your role in activism b) Your Centenary celebration c)what the Women’s Liberation Movement means/meant to you. Because this is a scholarly project, we need some information about who you are and how to contact you. After you give us the basics, tell us about your own personal experience of Activism, centenary celebration and or the Women’s Liberation Movement: what you did, where you were, what you saw, what it means/meant to you. Your story can be as detailed as you want it to be. We don't promise to publish every submission, but we will do our best to print as many as possible. You have the choice to be published under your own name, or anonymously.

Simply put your message into the box at the bottom, and then hit “Post Comment”. Your memory will then be posted onto this page.

Please post information using all the previous names that you or the person you are posting about has been known by. For example, post and use women's maiden name, as anyone who knew them at school will know them by that name and not by their married name. Please ensure you have permission for using any information about another person.

If someone posts a reply you will find the reply attached to your original message.

To read the replies to messages click on to the date of the original message – the replies will then be listed

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