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Where 'On The Shoulders of Giants Exhibition' went next...


On Saturday, 07 July 2018, residents of Cradley Heath in the West Midlands took a step back in time, in honour of the women who fought to secure better rights for women workers, as part of the Women Chainmakers’ Festival. The annual event, which takes place on Cradley Heath High Street, recognises the efforts of trade unionist and women’s rights campaigner, Mary Macarthur, and 800 women across the county, who successfully campaigned to abolish exploitative wages within their industry by staging a ten-week strike in 1910. The women effectively formed a Trade Union and won the first minimum wage agreement after their 10 week strike battle. This increased the wages of the poorest workers by some 150% and remains today one of the most inspiring tales of workers’ struggle. The Chainmakers Festival continues to highlight employment issues that remain widespread in modern society.

Deeds Not Words Towards Liberation were invited to contribute our Exhibition on the Shoulders of Giants to the event because this year is a special year as the Festival also marked 100 years of the first women having suffrage.

Festival Organiser feedback:

"The Chainmakers' Festival is a celebration of the Women Chainmakers' of Cradley Heath who fought, and won, a ten week strike for better wages. Having the Exhibition at this Festival was a great way to link this struggle with that of women's fight for the vote, and to show that women have consistently been a part of shaping this countries political and social landscape.

It was very popular amongst both union members and members of the public, and offered an interesting and accessible opportunity for people to learn about the history of women's suffrage.

We would highly recommend using the Exhibition for any events that wish to celebrate women's contributions to politics, and would definitely use it again ourselves.

GMB West Midlands"

We offer a big thank you for the invitation to share our Exhibition and are proud to have contributed to this most illustrious and improtant event.

Images of The Chainmakers Festival 2018

Images of The Exhibition at The Chainmakers Festival 2018

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