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A Joyous Celebration

Happy International Women's Day so much to say...I mean all the stops were pulled out as the International Women;s Day Derby team created a space for celebration and remembering.

So many community stalls representing a myriad of causes and organisations and the networking was amazing. VoxFemme was present with our Heritage Lottery Funded, On The Shoulders of Giants Exhibition (part of the Deeds Not Words Towards Liberation Project). We had more than 350 visitors and the feedback was magnificent. So very positive and so many women, girls and men leaving the exhibition with comments like

"...Derbyshire produced some amazing women"

"Never heard of some of those did you find them"

" Wow I did not know she was local ..."

"I am so glad I came"

"I can't believe didn't know about any of this stuff"

"When can I see the whole Exhibition. I want to bring my daughter"

"I am blown away"

"...really enjoyed that"

"...I feel a bit emotional"


"Why don;t they teach this in school"


"I thought I knew Derbyshire History but I feel like I don't know much now".

We have had follow up calls for many more bookings and interesting stories and titbits which we will follow up over the coming months....So much HERstory told, so much more to tell!

The Festival was wonderfully finished off with a Suffrage March through Derby. Indeed, this suggestion had come from Vox Feminarum. We had initially planned to do our own dedicated march but we thought we should seize the day and the opportunity of this one day Festival to get as many people involved and increase the visibility of the important Centenary milestone. So we spent the day creating suffrage flags, Votes For Women and Deeds Not Words sashes for those taking part in the March.

It was a very proud moment to have contributed and to have shared this wonderful day with so many. Well done to Vanessa Boon and the IWDD Team Thank you

nb: We filmed March and it will be in our final film which will be shown in March 2019 as a part of our offer for Women's History Month 2019. Watch this space.

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