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When Ignorance Speaks Loudly: The Frustration of Mainsplaining

The Frustration of Uninformed Mansplaining

Mansplaining, a blend of "man" and "explaining," refers to the condescending explanation of something by a man to a woman, often under the assumption that she lacks knowledge about the subject. This behaviour becomes particularly exasperating when the explainer is poorly informed or completely ignorant about the issue at hand.

Why Uninformed Mansplaining is Infuriating

This form of mansplaining not only dismisses the intelligence and expertise of the person being spoken to but also perpetuates gendered communication imbalances. It undermines the value of women’s knowledge and contributions, often in professional and academic settings where such dynamics can hinder progress and collaboration.

Why It Matters

Addressing uninformed mansplaining is crucial because it not only affects the immediate conversation but also contributes to broader societal attitudes that devalue women's voices. Combatting this requires awareness and active efforts to promote respectful and equitable dialogue.

Strategies to Counter Mansplaining

To effectively counteract mansplaining, it’s important to:

  1. Acknowledge and Address It: Recognise when it happens and call it out politely but firmly.

  2. Promote Inclusive Dialogue: Encourage a culture where all voices are heard and valued equally.

  3. Educate and Inform: Raise awareness about the impact of mansplaining and provide resources for better communication practices.


Mansplaining, especially when coupled with ignorance, is more than a mere annoyance—it’s a reflection of deeper societal issues related to gender and respect. By challenging this behaviour, we can move towards more inclusive and respectful communication practices.


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