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The Making of a Commemorative Quilt

Why a Quilt/Wall Hanging?

We chose a quilt because it is a traditional art form which for many generations, was one of the few avenues for personal and artistic expression allowed to women. As a narrative form, quilts are used to visualise family histories, anecdotes, celebrations, joys and sorrows, as well as portray political and social commentary. With unlimited possibilities of colour, shape, texture, and composition, quilts evoke the personal and private domain, combine craft and art, practical function and artistic appeal. In this instance the quilt will depict socio-political narratives of local women’s heritage. Women's groups and individuals are invited to create and make a panel for the Quilt - we are hoping that panels will be contributed by women and groups all over Derbyshire depicting aspects of Derbyshire HERitage, triumphs and struggles through the ages.

The following represent just a few of the panels completed so far, these panels were created using painting, embroidery, printing on suede and drawing.

Panel completetd at a group workshop

Panel completetd at a group workshop

Panel made by M. Waldron

Panel commercially printed onto suede from photograph

Panel completetd at a group workshop

Quilt sections are being made by women and organistaions all over the City and County. The final main quilt/wall hanging and other similar hangings will be showcased all over the County during the Derby Festival of Ideas July 2-8th 2018.

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