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Revealed: All YOUR nominations for the Made in Derby 'Walk of Fame'

Revealed: Why Our Campaign Is Necessary!

Happy that so many of the women on our submitted list made it among the 220 nominated names. Thank you so much to all those who nominated someone from the list, and, or signed our ongoing (...just in case) petition. BUT it is not enough, not nearly enough, that is, of the 220 names, only 52 were women - less than 25% of names on the list... (this does not include Maureen Alexander who appears as a co-listee, Dr Williams who founded Derby Royal School for The Deaf - and former director of Derby Playhouse Leslie Twelvetrees as it is not clear without further research if they were men or women....or indeed identifying as non-binary (but the latter could be equally true for many on the list!). We refuse to include Lara Croft in our count of women, afterall 'she' is not a woman, indeed 'she' is not real, she is a fiction....and although it galls us that she is even listed, we are somewhat appeased by the fact that she is listed as an 'invention'! (but shouldn't we be listing the creator).

We submitted a list names of 24 women, not all of whom were born in Derby, but women that we feel have had an impact nationally and internationally (It would be 25 but we made a statement that we were not listing Florence Nightingale because she was likely to be among the few usual suspects). Our list was by no means definitive nor did it fully reflect all the amazing women, but rather it reflected a cross-section of potential nominees and we directed people to the Deeds Not Words Towards Liberation web link for 100+ Derbyshire Women so that they could discover the other amazing potential nominees for themselves.

The aim of our list was to

a) provide alternatives to the usual suspects of men, and very few women

b) raise awareness of the contributions and achievements of some amazing women who were born, lived or worked in the City

c) Challenge the status quo and simply raise the issue so women no longer 'walk invisible' in our City.

Our Initial List of Potential Nominees for Derby Walk of Fame sent to Zena Hawley at Derby Telegraph and Derby City Council Project Lead Andy Smart on November 20th 2017

We imagined that Florence Nightingale would be a popular nominee so we have not included her here.

Marion Elizabeth Adnams

Norah Aiton

Mary Winifred Attenborough

Freda Bedi

Deborah Bull CBE

Rowena Cade Mrs Cooke Catherine

Eileen Cooper

Mrs Olive Eden (nee Lax) OBE

Kathy Ellis

Jean Emmeline Hanson

Tina Martin

Lady Madeleine Emma Onslow

Elizabeth Petty

Sheila Rollinson

Jasvinder Sanghera

Mrs Ellen Scotton

Mary Shuttleworth

Agnes Elizabeth Slack

Jane Warden

Helen Wathall

Dame Vivienne Westwood

Alice Wheeldon

Mary Williams aka Mother May -Black Church Pioneer (Total 24)

Other women Nominated by others about whose gender identification or other information remains unresearched

Leslie Twelvetrees* - actor and 1950s director of Derby Playhouse. - unsure if 'male or female'

Dr William Roe - born in Heanor and founder of the Royal School for the Deaf - unsure if 'male or female'

Maureen Alexander and Byron Charlton - Derby ballroom dancers who won four major contests in 1971.Co-listed

Lara Croft - an invention!

Other Women Listed in Derbsyhire 100+ Women and Who appeared on the Derby Walk of Fame Nominee List: (Total 10)

Hilary Mantel - prolific writer and twice Booker Prize winner from Glossop.

Kavita Ovberoi* - businesswoman who founded Oberoi Consulting, one of most entrepreneurial women 2009.

Florence Nightingale* - pioneering nurse, advised on rebuild of Derbyshire Royal Infirmary and lived at Lea.

Joan Waste - Derby blind woman who was burned to death for refusing to renounce Protestant faith.

Dame Margaret Beckett* - represented Derby South since 1983 and longest serving female MP.

Dame Ellen MacArthur - Whatstandwell yachtswoman completed fastest circumnavigation of globe in 2005.

Fiona May* - long jumper raised and competed in Derby before taking up Italian nationality.

Olave Baden-Powell - Chesterfield-born woman who formed girl guiding movement

Constance Spry - Derby florist, author and educator who owned a series of salons across the country.

Louise Rayner - watercolour paintings of Derby from Matlock Bath..

Nominated Women who are not identified in Deeds Not Words Project (14)

Gwen Taylor - Derby star of stage and screen. (She will be listed in our women in entertainment list which is planned)

Patricia Green - Derby actress known for her longest serving soap role in The Archers as Jill Archer (She will be listed in our women in entertainment list which is planned)

Suzy Kendall - Belper-born film star who married Dudley Moore. (She will be listed in our women in entertainment list which is planned)

Maria Hanson - founded Me&Dee charity which gives holidays to families with a life-limited member.

Tracey Bricknell - co-founder of Derby Every Cloud charity.

Sally Montague - owner of hairdressing salons across the county and in the industry since she was 18.

Sandy Ryan - Derby female boxer. (Will be researched)

Donna Kellogg - Spondon Olympic badminton player. (Will be researched)

Judith Hann - Littleover-born broadcaster famed for Tomorrow's World, also science and writing work. (She will be listed in our women in entertainment list which is planned)

Flo Siddons - Derby woman who campaigned to bring her granddaughter Lynn's killer to justice.

Dolly Hutchinson - Derby special needs volunteer.

Jean Kinton - long-serving Chaddesden lollipop woman.

Lisa Higginbottom - former Derby councillor and mayor involved in "happiness" campaign.

Copy and paste the the link below into your browser to see the full list include the names above.

Please also note that some of the women included (we are equally guilty of listing women who were not born in Derby but we included them because we felt that they met the 'significant' contribution criteria) in the list, it is highly likely that some of the 52 (or so) will be removed after further consideration as they do not fit the criteria. Crucially women on our list of 24 who are unlikely to be considered further include those not born in Derby, but in Derbyshire, or elsewhere....

The good news is that a great number of men also nominated do not fit the 'born in Derby' criteria either and the noteworthiness of some nominees, in my humble opinion is questionable now we wait... and in the meantime continue with our petition...

If you haven't already, please sign our petition! 2018 Marks 100 Years since the first women won the right to vote in general elections....that they should choose this year of all and not recognise women on an equal basis as men is quite frankly ludicrous and highly insulting!

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