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Made in Derby Walk of Fame 50:50 List Campaign Launched November 19th 2017

Women are Made In Derby too...Their Moment to Shine


The names of men, 'the sons of Derby and Derbyshire' are already well represented in our streets, on public monuments and in our written history of Derby. What is not so visible are the names and histories of the thousands of women who have also contributed to Derby and who have taken our City's name nationally and much further afield. This proposed Made in Derby Walk of Fame is a great opportunity to counter the systemic under-representation of women and the 'invisibility of women's stories and the significant contribution that women have made and continue to make to our wonderful City.

Deeds Not Words Towards Liberation will be launching a campaign to persuade people in the City to use this opportunity to have a Fifty/Fifty List of men and women for the Made In Derby Walk of Fame..... 2018 marks 100 yrs of the first women (not all women) winning the right to vote in General Elections and it is more than time for change....come on Derby get behind us and vote with your feet!

Visit our list of amazing Derby and Derbyshire Women at…#DeedsNotWordsTowardsLiberationCampaignMadeInDerbyFiftyFiftyCampaign

This is an opportunity for women to shine alongside their male counterparts. We will draw from our existing Derbyshire 100+ Women List but we also want to encourage local people to get on board and name women you know about and also write to the Telegraph and help us make this small step forward. So far very few women have actually been named...…/famous-names-start-flood-…

We only have until November 30th to nominate women for the first 8 stars....WE NEED YOU TO STAND WITH US AND TO ACT NOW!

Initial List of Potential Nominees for Derby Walk of Fame sent to Zena Hawley at Derby Telegraph and Derby City Council Project Lead Andy Smart on November 20th 2017

We imagined that Florence Nightingale would be a popular nominee so we have not included her here.

Marion Elizabeth Adnams 1898–1995 - Marion Adnams was a versatile artist and teacher, who was born and lived in Derby. Notable for her Surrealist works she was influenced by René Magritte and Paul Nash.

Norah Aiton - (1903–1988) was a British architect who was an early proponent of the modernist style. British architect Norah Aiton founded the architectural practice of Aiton & Scott in conjunction with her business partner Betty Scott in 1930. Norah and Betty designed the building for the Aiton & Company manufacturing business. It was one of the first to exhibit modernist industrial architecture. Scott had a more eclectic style and let Aiton function as the sole pioneer for modernism. Since only a few females worked as architects at the time, this effort still counts as an impressive feat.

Mary Winifred Attenborough - April 1897 - August 11961 Sawley Derbyshire. Mary Attenborough (née Clegg), a linguist, suffragette and founder member of the National Marriage Guidance Council was a writer and founding member of Marriage Guidance Council Children: Richard Samuel Attenborough (1923–2014), Lord Attenborough, the actor and director; David Frederick Attenborough (born 1926), now Sir David, the TV naturalist; John Michael Attenborough (1928–2012), Executive at Alfa Romeo

Freda Bedi - (1911–1977) social worker, writer and Gelongma (Pioneer Western Buddhist Monk). First western woman to be ordained as a Bhuddist Monk

Deborah Bull CBE - is an English dancer, writer, and broadcaster and former creative director of the Royal Opera House.

Rowena Cade - Architect Designed The Minack Theatre, Cornwall Sister of Katharine Burdekin

Mrs Cooke Catherine JP 66 Porter Rd Derby Born Derby 1872 Daughter of William Fletcher Pike

Member Prince of Wales Relief Committee; Former member and Vice Chairman of Board of Guardians; Chairman of Public Assistance Committee; member of Town Council, 1928; Director of Derby Co-operative Society since 1924 (date of publication 1934!) Past president, Workers Educational Association; Member of Rota Committee and Court of Referees, Labour Exchange,; Past Chairman Notts and Derbyshire Labour Women's Advisory Committee and Present Chairman of Derbyshire Labour Women's Advisory Committee. Secretary Derby Branch of Women's Workers during the Great War

Eileen Cooper - Major British Figurative Artist (painter and print-maker). First Woman to be appointed Keeper of the Royal Academy in 2011.

Mrs Olive Eden (nee Lax) OBE - Born (Approx 1908) Formerly of No 44 Rupert Road gave many years’ service to the local community and generally helping the people of Chaddesden. Service for which she received her OBE in 1967. Chaddesden County Secondary School, opened in 1955 was renamed The Olive Eden Secondary School (now Lees Brook) in her honour. Olive died in June of 1997 at 89.

Kathy Ellis - was the first female engineer to join the reactor core design team at Rolls-Royce. In 2013 she was shortlisted in the category of engineering in the First Women Awards.

Jean Emmeline Hanson - 14 November 1919 – 10 August 1973 was born in Newhall Derbyshire. While working at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, she, with Hugh Huxley, discovered the mechanism of movement of muscle fibre in 1954, which came to known as "sliding filament theory". This was a ground-breaking research in muscle physiology, and for this BBC nicknamed her "Mrs Muscle" on the 50th anniversary of the discovery. She died in London on 10 August 1973 from a rare brain infection, meningococcal septicaemia. Her biography on the King's College London website lists Jean as a Bio-medical Hero

Tina Martin - Derbyshire Constabulary. Catalyst, founder member and former Chairperson British Association Women Police (BAWP) Tina was also awarded the International Association of Women Police (IAWP) honour of International Officer of the Year for 1987 in recognition of her work to develop membership of the IAWP.

Lady Madeleine Emma Onslow - (formerly Loftus Tottenham) Born 1851 in County Monaghan, Ireland. Suffragist and anti-vivisection campaigner in the UK and Australia. She married Alexander Campbell Onslow, former Chief Justice of Western Australia on 2 Mar 1878. Madeleine was an accomplished musician and a prominent worker in the cause of women's suffrage. The Karrakatta Club was founded by her in conjunction with American Dr. Emily Ryder, in 1884. Lady Onslow was the president of the club until she left the State in 1901(due to her husband’s ill health) to return to England. Alexander Onslow died in Belper Derbyshire on 20th October 1908. Madeleine continued to work to achieve the franchise for women in the United Kingdom. The England and Wales Census, 1911 reports that the Madeline Emma Onslow, aged 60 was registered at Duffield Derbyshire District Belper.

Madeline Onslow was a member of the Derby branch of NUWSS in 1914 Madeleine died, aged 75, 5 Oct 1926 in Hampstead, London after a lengthy illness.

Elizabeth Petty - (1875–1947) She was a former Poor Law Guardian and the second woman elected to Derby City Council winning Dale Ward in 1922. She was a Conservative and was elected the First Woman Mayor of Derby in 1936 (There have been Mayors in Derby since 1835). She was Derby's most successful female politician at that time in terms of her longevity. She returned to the Council 6 times, 4 times unopposed. She was a Councillor at the outbreak of WW II. Reports of her political concerns including her work with Belgian Refugees in 1914 and again with Basque child refugees fleeing Franco's Rebel army in 1937, her concern for women and children are indicative of early 'feminist sympathies' and suggests that she was a liberal Conservative. Source: Derby Daily Telegraph 2 Nov. 1922 and 26 Oct 1928.

Sheila Rollinson - Founder and now club secretary Derby County Ladies. Winner FA Outstanding Contribution to Women's Football Award 2014. Points of Light Award Winner 2015

Jasvinder Sanghera - Pioneer, Activist. Forced Marriage and 'Honour Killing'

Mrs Ellen Scotton - Former president of the Guild Branch of Derby Provident Cooperative Society for five nearly years. She also served on the District Committee and Sectional Council of the Guild and as vice-president of the Women’s' Liberal Association until her death on May 8th 1903.

Mary Shuttleworth widow of lace magnate and Temperance Union member Henry Boden. Among her philanthropic works she also donated land to Derby including the land on which Bold Lane Car park is built

Agnes Elizabeth Slack - (1857–1946) was a British and international temperance organiser.

Jane Warden - In the Derby Co-operative Society women initially worked through the Education Committee and the Women’s Guild and supported the Suffragette movement. Although women were able to vote for members of the Management Committee, they were not though suitable to be involved in the running of the society. Mrs Warden did not agree with this view and after many attempts was elected to serve on the Management Committee of the Society in May 1919. Her persistence meant that she was the first woman to be elected to the Directorate.

Helen Wathall - Managing Director G. Wathall & Son Ltd and the only female appointed to Golden Charter Board. In 2002, Helen Wathall was honoured to be the first woman to be elected as President of the National Society of Allied and Independent Funeral Directors (which represents over 700 Independent Funeral Directors from all over the UK).

Dame Vivienne Westwood – Award winning international Fashion Designer, Environmental Activist

Alice Wheeldon - (1866–1919) pacifist and anti-war campaigner, was an early socialist, feminist and a Suffragette. Mrs Wheeldon supported the No-Conscription Fellowship and helped conscientious objectors avoid conscription in the First World War. In December 1916 Alex Gordon, a spy from MI5 arrived at the Wheeldon home, claiming to be a conscientious objector on the run and it is claimed that he would go on to manufacture evidence leading to the imprisonment of the Wheeldon family.

Mary Williams aka Mother May -Black Church Pioneer


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