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Made in Derby Walk of Fame 50:50 List Campaign Launched November 19th 2017

Women are Made In Derby too...Their Moment to Shine


The names of men, 'the sons of Derby and Derbyshire' are already well represented in our streets, on public monuments and in our written history of Derby. What is not so visible are the names and histories of the thousands of women who have also contributed to Derby and who have taken our City's name nationally and much further afield. This proposed Made in Derby Walk of Fame is a great opportunity to counter the systemic under-representation of women and the 'invisibility of women's stories and the significant contribution that women have made and continue to make to our wonderful City.

Deeds Not Words Towards Liberation will be launching a campaign to persuade people in the City to use this opportunity to have a Fifty/Fifty List of men and women for the Made In Derby Walk of Fame..... 2018 marks 100 yrs of the first women (not all women) winning the right to vote in General Elections and it is more than time for change....come on Derby get behind us and vote with your feet!

Visit our list of amazing Derby and Derbyshire Women at…#DeedsNotWordsTowardsLiberationCampaignMadeInDerbyFiftyFiftyCampaign

This is an opportunity for women to shine alongside their male counterparts. We will draw from our existing Derbyshire 100+ Women List but we also want to encourage local people to get on board and name women you know about and also write to the Telegraph and help us make this small step forward. So far very few women have actually been named...…/famous-names-start-flood-…

We only have until November 30th to nominate women for the first 8 stars....WE NEED YOU TO STAND WITH US AND TO ACT NOW!

Initial List of Potential Nominees for Derby Walk of Fame sent to Zena Hawley at Derby Telegraph and Derby City Council