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Deeds Not Words Towards Liberation Project Launch

We were very excited that after around eight months of hard work we finally launched the Project at this year's annual Derby and Derbyshire Inspirational Woman Awards. To use the event to engage as many people as possible in the Project the decision was taken to build the website and curate a mini exhibition to help give the launch some real ummph. As well as the usual entertainment, speeches and award conferment, the event showcased a ten minute film, a mini exhibition which allowed us to share some of the memorabilia that we have collected over the last several years (including the initial 8 months of the Project See the photographs below).

Exhibits spanned women’s activism movements over the last one hundred years or so in a limited space and included a typical Edwardian suit, coat and an ostrich feathered hat, favoured by Suffragists and Suffragettes of the time and including a reproduction 'Votes for Women' sash: a wonderful 100+ year old commemorative serviette of the 1915 March for the Right of Women to Work and contribute to the war effort by doing jobs traditionally undertaken by men including working in munitions factories. The serviette details the March in remarkable detail and is a wonder to be hold; A variety of badges some more than one hundred years old and many from the 1960s and 1970s; A Pussycat Hat made famous by the March on Washington on January 21st and sister solidarity Marches worldwide, including in London, full length banners of pioneering Derby and Drbyshire women and an riginal cast of an example of the way in which the cause of 'Votes for Women has been commercialised. (please see the following for more background information on the hat

Other pieces in the exhibit included a copy of the Suffragette Newspaper which includes a special insert commemorating the tragic death of Emily Davidson, as she fell under the King’s horse while trying to pin a banner to it. Nadia Graziani sang the unofficial anthem of the January 21st March on Washington,USA #ICantKeepQuiet by MILCK) See

The wall to ceiling hangings of Derbyshire Women, many of whom are also on the 100 Derbyshire Women: Change-making Movers, Shakers and Ground-breaking Pioneers List, who have made a significant difference, were also part of the exhibit. To add to the occasion the room was decorated in the women suffrage colours of Purple (dignity) White (purity) and green for (hope). The exhibition was opened with a buffet and a celebratory glass of fizz for all attendees. One hundred and sixteen people, including Heather Broughton, Member of The Heritage Lottery (East Midlands) Board, past and present awrd recipients and representatives from partner organisations also attended the event.

Deeds Not Words Towards Liberation Project Launch Exhibit 1

Deeds Not Words Towards Liberation Project Launch Exhibit 2

The Derby and Derbyshire Pioneers who signed the 1866 Petition.