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The Struggle

The Struggle

Celebrate Women's HERstory

Celebrate Women's HERstory

Deeds Not Words

Deeds Not Words

Votes For Women

Votes For Women

Re-defining HERstory

Re-defining HERstory

Lesbian, Bisexual and Trans Women

Lesbian, Bisexual and Trans Women



Suffragettes England 1908

Suffragettes England 1908

Asian Suffragettes

Asian Suffragettes

Women Ground Breakers

Women Ground Breakers

Women's Liberation1969

Women's Liberation1969

No Longer Walk Invisible

No Longer Walk Invisible

Melvyn Bragg and Guests Talk SuffragismClick to play

Celebrating the Centenary of The Representation of The People Act 1918 and Decades of The Women's Liberation Movement Which Succeeded It


“For Most of History Anonymous was a Woman ” 
―Virginia Woolf
“So never lose an opportunity of urging a practical beginning, however small, for it is wonderful how often in such matters the mustard-seed germinates and roots itself.” 
― Florence Nightingale
The Time For Change is Overdue.....Deeds Not Words, TOWARDS liberation Proudly picks up the gauntlet To shARE, Tell and Involve. 
please NOTE THAT THIS PROJECT STARTED ON SEPTEMBER 18TH, 2016 AND THAT This weBsIte iS being developed as the project evolves.


Suffragettes and Suffragists

In Development


Activism: Means & Methods

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Women's Liberation Movement

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The Millennium and Beyond

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Deeds Not Words Towards Liberation has been supported by a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund. Thanks to National Lottery players, we have been able to record, preserve and raise awareness about women's social and political activism in Derbyshire.

In Our Time: Melvyn Bragg and Guests Talks Suffragism

Melvyn Bragg and guests Krista Cowman, June Purvis and Julia Bush discuss suffragism, a name for the various movements to get the vote for women in the 19th and early-20th century. On the 4th June 1913 theEpsom Derby was underway. King George V was there watching his horse Anmer, ridden by Herbert Jones. Also watching was a young woman called Emily Davison. As the horses thundered towards the finish line, Emily Davison stepped through the barrier and threw herself in front of the King's horse and died of her injuries four days later. Davison was a suffragette, a campaigner for the woman's right to vote and her death is perhaps the most powerful image of that entire movement. Emmeline Pankhurst and her Suffragettes are famous for their militant campaign of suicide, violence and direct action, but Suffragism was a broader movement involving letter writing, reasoned argument, journalism and parliamentary petition - all played out across biology, medicine, law, psychology, politics and the military amidst the rising tide of democratic ideas







BBC: The Centenary Votes for Women:

Click the link to view 

Update Coming Soon

EXHIBITION 3: Dressing For Revolution Fashioning Change

Exhibition Rationale:

Sneak previews of newly acquired items

Getting involved..

International Day of The Girl Celebration on Saturday October, 2018: 

Saturday October 13th 11.30am - 4pm Please join us 

Email Sonya on for details and to book a place

IDG 2018 - Made with PosterMyWall.jpg

Trip October 6th 2018: Vote & Voice, Westminster Palace

We depart from The Mandela Centre at 8am and return at 7.30pm

Email Sonya on for details and to book a seat

Democracy Week Events:

Events and activities July 2nd - 8th 2018

Exhibition:Beyond The Vote Women Make More Noise

July 2nd - 6th, 2018

The Mandela Centre, 179 Pear Tree Rd


Daily 11am - 3pm

100 Derbyshire Women Movers and Shakers and Pioneers

Current List of Nominees

  • Marion Elizabeth Adnams 1898–1995 Marion Adnams was a versatile artist and teacher, who was born and lived in Derby. Notable for her Surrealist works she was influenced by René Magritte and Paul Nash.  

  • Parkash Ahluwalia, MBE - Derbyshire's first Asian Woman Police Officer.​

  • Sue Arguile - NUT, Community Organiser Activist   ​

  • Mary Attenborough - 1897 Sawley Derbyshire  was a writer and founding member of Marriage Guidance Council​

  • Marilyn Baldwin, OBE - Marilyn Baldwin campaigned for change following the contribution of 'postal scammers' to the death of her elderly mother who was conned out of £50,000. She set up the charity 'Think Jessica' in her mother's name

Additional Project Outputs:


Lecture Series

Quilted Wall Hanging 'With Her Own Hands'

Archival Film - Unfinished HERstories'

HERstory in Her Words - Oral Histories

        Are You A HERitage Sleuth?  We Need Your Help to...

Do You Know Anything About This Beautiful Well-Dressing?  It is located in Ashford-in-the-Water, Derbyshire and was dressed in 2008? Please contact Sonya Robotham on 07779560284 or by email on Looking forward to hearing from you. Image courtesy of

Revealed: First 8 Names in the Made in Derby 'walk of fame'









More than 220 names were nominated to be inscribed on eight initial Hollywood Walk of Fame Style street plaques in Derby City Centre...less than 25% of those nominated were women! The first 8 names are finally revealed..











Exhibition Object Teaser of The Month

Latest Events

Why Three Exhibitions?

Sneak previews of newly acquired items/linked materials - See item/question of The Month

Getting involved...

Makers of Our Clothes.jpg

April 2019: We are chuffed to share our copy of this groundbreaking first edition study of, The Makers of Our Clothes; A Case For Trade Boards, by Mrs. Carl Meyer; Clementina Black, 1909.

But who was Mrs. Carl Meyer and who was Clementina Black? Why was this study and the work of the latter, in particular, considered pioneering?

The Book by itself is an amazing acquisition, then we saw that it was a Presentation Copy! A presentation copy is a copy of a book that is dedicated, illustrated, or signed (without request) by the author/s, or a book that was a gift from the author/s to a particular person or organisation. This copy was gifted to the President of The Board of Trade in 1909. So we then did a bit of research (it really did not take much!) to find out who the President of the Board of Trade was when the book was published and gifted in 1909. We figured that whoever it was would have at least held the book in their hands, and given the subsequent reforms introduced under their tenure in post, read and understood the contents. Alongside the questions, who was Mrs Carl Meyer and who was Clementina Black...we will leave you to find out who the President of the Board of Trade was between 1908 and 1910. Important, though the recipient is to many, the real star for us is the woman who consistently fought for women's right to vote, to unionise and as workers,this is and always will be Cementina Black. We also have a number of Clementina's handwritten/signed letters in our collection...

Burton Leads the way in Dropping Mrs...

Interview Updates



Deeds Not Words Towards Liberation - A Labour of Love 

Vox Feminarum has spent several years developing an idea which started with the question, 'Why do we know so little about women's contributions to Derbyshire Heritage?", to create a Project that would tell HERstory and be robust in the following areas:

1. undertaking substantial research to uncover 'unkown' stories, and to 

2. develop a Project which would stand up to scrutiny in terms of substance, quality and public interest. To read more about our Project click the link below. 


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We are always seeking to improve our site and to strengthen the project through volunteer contributions and dialogue. Do get in touch to volunteer, or to contribute your stories, memorabilia or documents and to just let us know what you think.

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